Quality Product at a Reasonable Price

The need to pay more attention to modern wound treatments and improve the current methods has become increasingly obvious in the modern world.

Change in lifestyle and population growth has increased the cases of chronic wounds, contusions, traumas, and burnings that need to be treated. For example, almost one-sixth of diabetics worldwide develop chronically infected diabetic ulcers, with a mortality rate comparable to cancers.

AKTISCHICHT has invested in a sophisticated patented technology to manufacture a biological (I) wound dressing with scaffolds and (II) rapid recovery powder similar to the structure of a normal extracellular matrix with very specific polymers and architecture that stimulate the fibroblasts and provide suitable conditions for cell adhesion, reproduction, and migration as well as faster angiogenesis.

AKTISCHICHT technology enables the manufacturing of very transparent, flexible, three-dimensional particles or porous fibers with natural toxic-free materials.

Its antibacterial, anti-biofilm compound with a poly-cationic nature disrupts the ionic balance of bacteria and prevents the synthesis of proteins in bacteria.

Other features of this innovation are wound pH management, wound moisture retention, and the slow release of chemicals needed for wound healing.

In several clinical in vivo studies, the rate of wound healing using Aktischicht products was higher than most of the similar products in the market, which are significantly more expensive.

With these affordable quality products, we at AKTISCHICHT are proud to bring a smile to the lips of wound patients and those who love them worldwide.

We exhibit in Medica Dusseldorf, ArabHealth, and EMWA (European Wound Management Association) conferences and can flexibly arrange online and on-site presentations and teaching sessions.