Rapid Recovery Wound Care Solution

  • AKTISCHICHT Powder is a sterile powder that transforms into a dressing upon contact with wound exudate and covers and protects the wound bed.
  • AKTISCHICHT Powder is an easy-to-use primary wound dressing suitable for a hard-to-reach cavity or tunneling wounds with moderate to high exudate.


• Absorbs Excessive Exudate in Moderately to Highly-Exuding Wounds
• Significant Reduction of the Wound Healing Time
• Gradual Release of Materials in the Wound Bed
• Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Properties
• Optimizing Moisture and Ph of the Wound Bed
• Adjustable to the Shape of the Wound Bed
• Biocompatible and Biodegradable in Wound Bed
• Moisture-vapor permeable
• Reduction of Scar Tissue Formation
• Applicable on Exposed Tendons and Bones
• Breathable Dressings
• Applicable on the Joints Without Restricting the Joint Movement
• Painless Application and No Need to Change


- ISO 13485 Quality Management System (QMS) cer­tificate


Cavity wounds
Tunneling wounds
Burn wounds
Traumatic wounds
Skin grafts/donor sites
Surgical wounds
Infected and non-infected wounds
Exposed tendons and bones
Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)
Decubitus / bedsores / pressure ulcer
Venous leg ulcer (VLU)
Wounds with moderate to high exudation (wound discharge)